C. Paul Stanley, Attorney at Law, P.C. BBB Business Review


Mr. Stanley and his receptionist have been absolutely wonderful and understanding! Very good communication also. I highly recommend him.
I needed to have a document witnessed and notarized. I called, and they got me in right away. They were so very friendly and caring. I highly recommend this law firm.
Not going to lie- my case seemed realll grim. I somehow was caught up in a speed trap in Virginia! Mind you I was living in Phily and didn't drive my car often as I wfh. I was traveling with a girlfriend for the holiday break. My phobia of semi trucks got the best of me and at the time I really didn't know how to use my cruise control so speeding past trucks was my default action. I was caught going over 100mph smh...Paul Stanley is who you need to know in a scenario such as mine. Good luck!
Mr. Stanley and his staff are very personable, responsive and they treat you with respect. I received a speeding ticket passing through VA from OH to NC. The outcome of the whole experience is exactly as Mr. Stanley said it would be. I am very satisfied and I would highly recommend C. Paul Stanley, Attorney.
Got stopped for speeding in Wytheville, VA. The officer was pleasant and professional so I asked him for the recommendation of a local attorney who has a good reputation at the courthouse. He gave me the name of Paul Stanley.Great recommendation!Mr. Stanley is reachable and responsive. His advice and recommendations were concise and understandable. His fee was EXTREMELY reasonable and the court case came out exactley as he said with no points attaching.SO MONEY WELL SPENT! Thank you, C. Paul Stanley!
Mr. Stanley got my 90 in a 70 reckless driving ticket reduced to a "defective speedometer" violation. Had to pay a fine, but received no points on my license. I had to complete an online defensive driving course and provided my clean driving record. Mr. Stanley and his assistant made this very stressful situation as easy as it possibly could have gotten, especially being from out of state. Very affordable on the pricing compared to his competition. Stanley is your guy if you get busted. Learned on this encounter that Virginia is one of the worst states in America to get a speeding ticket in, so slow it down.
I got radar-pinched doing 89 in a 70 downhill, other cars around me going about the same speed. I contacted several other local traffic lawyers who were rather very expensive and tried to scare-scam me to use them. Then fournd Paul Stanley who was very reasonable and quite conversant, not raising my BS antennae. Paul and his office solved the problem very much to my satisfaction. I highly recommend him.
I got a ticket just leaving downtown Marion going 42 in a 25. Mr. Stanley told me what steps to take and was able to get my ticket dismissed, all I have to pay is the court fees, which is half of what the ticket would have cost. I can now also take the online driving course cert and see if i can get a discount on my insurance. Great all around, thanks Mr. Stanley!
He is a person who can be of great help to you when you are really in trouble. I am very happy to receive such good results. Thank you so much.
Paul Stanley and his staff were incredibly knowledgeable and made the ticket process a breeze. Thank you so much. Huge credit to the lady I worked with on the phone she explained everything to a T. I highly recommend using them.
Great lawyer. Very responsive. Hired for a traffic incident. Gave me many options and excellent advice and got the job done for a very very reasonable price, unlike everyone else that I had contacted. Thank you!
Life Saver
2 words. These people shocked me at every turn with their level of confidence and ability to get the job done. Sorry it was 19 words. They are great, and I'm not easy to please!
Was going 101 mph in a 55 mph in Giles county VA which was a reckless driving Paul Stanley said he could get it reduce and gave me the confidence I needed to know my job is secure and now it's improper speed and i did online I drive safely class and my driving record thank you Mr. Stanley!!!!!!!! My wife and kids are so grateful
I received a Reckless Driving ticket for going 80mph in a 70mph zone (Everyone be aware; a Reckless Driving charge can be issued to anyone who either drives 80mph and higher, OR who exceeds the posted speed limit by 20mph), while driving through the state of VA. After doing extensive research, I hired Mr. Stanley. Many other attorneys I had contacted prior charged anywhere from $800-$1,000, and would outsource another attorney to represent me in court. Mr. Stanley not only charged me almost next to nothing for his services, but represented me in court himself. I thought I would need to have a drink before I opened the letter from the court containing my fines, but as it turned out, I was able to have a celebratory drink afterwards when I saw the minimal amount in which I owed. I would highly recommend Paul Stanley!
Reckless Driving :-when I was travelling from Pittsburgh PA to Charlotte NC, officer caught me going on speed 99/70 in Virginia I-97. This was my first ticket and driving for the first time on highway. county to attent court was wythe,VA.After this ticket I got scared a lot because I am on different visa status in USA that will create issue for me in future.As per suggestion I have approached for attorneys to take up my case, few were very rude and to me and when I called Paul he was very polite and sweet, he promised to help me out. As per there suggestion I took my driving record, took 12 hr driving class and got speedometer calibration check done. These things helped me in reducing my case from reckless driving to improper driving. I thank Paul and his assistant Pat, they very polite to me every time I called them.I suggest who ever are seeking for help approach Paul Stanley he will 100% good for case.
I'm not in jail...
Back in February my boyfriend and I were driving from Charlotte, NC to WV for a quick day trip to ski. On the way there I received a reckless driving ticket in Bland County. Radar had me going 90 in a 70. Totally my fault and was not paying attention. I was very worried as this was my first ticket ever. I called several lawyers in Bland County and was getting quotes from $1500-$500. Called Mr. Stanley and he was way more affordable. He also was more confident in what he could do for my case. Last week was my court date and he had it dropped all the way to defective equipment!!! I am thrilled. All the other lawyers I talked to said there was no way I could get defective equipment at my speed. Thanks Mr. Stanley! All I had to do was provide my driving record and take an 8 hour driving course. Mr. Stanley and his assistant, Pat did all the rest. Great people and great service. THANK YOU!
Attorney Stanley was kind and understanding about my summons for Reckless Driving, while driving home from Virginia. He voice showed empathy for my situation. I did not ask for promises in what he could do about my summons, in return he reassured me what he was going to do when he represented me in court. I am eternally grateful to Attorney Stanley for reducing my summons to a non-moving violation with zero points.
Got me out of a ticket
Excellent service!
Took care of my ticket, reduced to malfunction equipment and no points on my license.
Recieved a wreckless driving ticket for going 94/70. I was unfamiliar with the laws in VA so I was taken by surprise when I received a court date on my ticket.Contacted seven different Lawyers. Who all advised me the same thing prior to retaining them. 8 hours in class driving course. Which only VA has. As I am from MD and there is no 8 hour driving courses. Also 40 hours of community service. And my clean driving record.After speaking to all seven Attorneys. I retained C. Paul Stanley because of his demeanor and rate.My fine was lowered in the end from wreckless driving to improper driving. So no criminal record.I am pleased with this outcome.Thank you Attorney C. Paul Stanley.
Paul and his office were a pleasure to deal with. They gave us good advice and followed through with a good result on the traffic case we had to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks Paul.
I got a summons for reckless driving for Smyth county District Court from one of Virginia's finest for 82 in a 70. Google searched found Mr Stanley, Pat his clerk gave me all information needed she was very pleasant . He has reasonable rates. He emailed me what I needed to do to get the charge dismissed. He goes to court for you. (you dont have to go) He was able to get my reckless driving charge dismissed. Thank you Charles Paul Stanley.
We reside in NC and got a speeding ticket in VA (86/70). Being from NC, Mr. Stanley was very knowledgeable of how this would affect her NC license. We had a previous PJC and were very nervous about this outcome. He got it reduced to improper equipment! Very pleased with the entire process. Pat is very pleasant!!!!
I had an outstanding experience with Mr. Stanley. Upon receipt of a reckless driving ticket I called several law offices around Whythe looking for an attorney I could be sure would see my case through. Mr. Stanley was one of the first to answer and respond, himself instead of send me through other channels. He then did everything he promised he would do; spent all day in court for me and got my ticket drastically lowered with no points. So very grateful to have found Mr. Stanley and would recommend him to anyone.
Thank you for handling my case Paul!
C. Paul Stanley represented me on a Reckless Driving by Speed ticket received on I-77. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him if you need legal representation in the Wythe County General District Court.
Received a 85/65 reckless speeding ticket while traveling from FL to MI during a downhill driving without paying much attention. VA trooper applied such a heavy fine I have ever seen??? initially I thought I might go to the court to defense myself. It will cost me at $500 and two days work off, plus I may not know how to defense the case??? Had no idea with whom to go with for representation after I received 6 attorney offers. I picked Mr. Paul Stanley based on other reviews and his reasonable charge, plus predicted outcomes. Attorney Charles and office assist Ms. Pat, are incredibly polite and helpful, always answered my questions and concerns. At the end Charles delivered what he predicted results by removing all the possible points, and I paid a small fine.-If you have a traffic ticket in the area, For sure to hire C Paul Stanley. I feel this is the most wise decision I have ever made.Thanks Stanley team sincerely !!!
As many people have found out, 10mph over the speed limit in VA is considered reckless op. This is ridiculous enough, but whats worse are the 6 points on your license, permanent criminal record, fines and increased insurance rates.C. Paul Stanley is not only 1/7th the cost of another attorney that I spoke with, but he produced results that were even better than I had hoped. No points, no record and a MINIMAL fine. I could not be happier. Look no further. He is the best.
Received a charge for driving 83 in a 70. He had the charge dropped. All I had to do was take a driving course and send him my driving record. I didn't even have to appear in court. His fee was also very reasonable. Would recommend him to anyone.
Received a speeding ticket while traveling from NC to NY. Had no idea with whom to go with for representation. Mr. Stanley was incredibly affordable, and got the exact result he had promised...which resulted in a small fine. Ms. Pat, at the office, is incredibly polite and helpful, and I had no problems communicating with them.-If you have a traffic ticket in the area, and aren't sure whom to retain - go with C Paul Stanley.
Received a speeding ticket in Hillsville VA from one of Carroll County's finest. After researching 10 different attorneys I decided to go with Attorney Charles Paul Stanley. Mr Stanley had my ticket reduced so that it did not show up on my NC Driver's License. If you received a traffic ticket I recommend calling Attorney Charles Paul Stanley.
Excellent lawyer, professional. He beat my reckless driving 6 point ticket and got it dismissed. His office always returned my calls when ever i had questions leading up to the trial. I would highly recommend.
Over delivered on his promise. The charge got dropped.
He and his courteous staff were able to deliver on their word. Saving us from our insurance company for 80 in a 70 was worth the money. Easy to work with; one phone call.